Our foundation has set its goal to support and empower the needy in Villages around Momo division and beyond. We visit remote villages, talk with the people, 


Become a Member: Membership of Cho Ngafor Vocational Foundation with a Minimum of 50 Frs yearly

Volunteering with us;

Visit the site in one of our camps. support a school by teaching, 

Material Donations:  

Materials for Education, such as computers, Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Stationary, Books Writing materials Furnitures, for school.

For the Community Center; sewing machines, tapes, cessors, tread, matirials, 

For our Health sector; Medical instruments, hospital beds, cupboards, trolleys, surgical instruments, etc

For the communities, Cloths, Shoes, toys, blankets, 

To support our activities; Camping Vans, Motorbikes

Financial Donations

All donations go directly to the benefit of the population in Cameroon. 

Our  Account details are;

Cho Ngafor Vocational Foundation

Spühlirian 44, 

3098 Schliern b. Köniz


Pc-Nr  85-539419-5

IBAN CH52 0900 0000 8553 9419 5

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