"I believe that a good education can empower and shape the future of every Child“. 

Doreen Bieri-Ngafor

Cho Ngafor Foundation

Education breeds confidence. It is a passport to human development. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, Article 26 states that “everyone has the right to education” It opens doors, expands opportunities, contributes to economic growth, reduce poverty as well as improve health.

The provision of effective and affordable education continues to be a challenging task. Iliteracy keep affecting the human population in a seemingly non-ending circle.Through words, we can pursue life-changing opportunities and stand up for the rights of others to do the same. Hence in this scenario, it is more evident that the provision of better education like wise medical care continuous to be a challenge.

It was thus in the context above that the Cho Ngafor’s Vocational Foundation was conceived and became a reality in June 2011. 

Our top priorities are to support, address and enhance Educational and Health challenges, in the Communities of Momo Division and beyond as well as support communities initiatives in Development.

We have just shaped the platform, but we welcome ideas, pieces of advice, constructive criticism, assistance and collaboration from each and every